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Pour les Universitaires

Dr. Stephan A. Reber

Le but de ce portfolio universitaire était de mettre à disposition une plateforme intuitive valorisant les projets de recherche de Stephan et représentative de son identité.

site web

Couleurs et typographie

J’ai choisis une palette gris-noir avec une touche de bleu pour créer une atmosphère classique et moderne.

Combiné à l’élégante simplicité de la police Poppins, cela créé une identité moderne qui reflète la personnalité et le travail de Stephan.

 » Absolutely fantastic quality! Emma Arbeau designed my personal webpage and the result is better than what I could have envisioned. She managed to create a specific style reflecting my preferences and turned the content I provided into an original and professional looking page. Emma Arbeau was the main driver behind the creative process, I was in the very comfortable position of looking at already produced content and to ask for adjustment if desirable. Her customer service is outstanding! Not only did Emma Arbeau discuss any suggestion in detail with me, she also always had the whole design in mind, which lead to an overall highly satisfying product. Finally, she provided detailed tutorials which allow me to adjust the webpage myself in the future. I can only recommend her work!  »

Stephan Reber