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Freelancer for 3 years, discover my life path and what led me to specialize in web design.


From academic research to freelance


User testing, eco-design, design

Work philosophy

Work in transparency and kindness

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Passionate about psychology and ethology, I opted for a Research Master’s in Animal and Human Behaviour. I learned about scientific monitoring and research methods specific to behavioral sciences (questionnaires, interviews, various tests) as well as data analysis.


I first worked for 2 years in a laboratory (CogBio, Messerli institute) as a research assistant. I developed code techniques (ex: python) and communication. These skills will then allow me to create, in 2019, my design company focused on user behavior.


WordPress website

WordPress is a tool to create website, it is open source and written in PHP. It is the content management system par excellence.

Design and graphic charter

I design your website or application on Figma from in-depth questionnaires carried out beforehand on your identity.

User research

Specialised in behavioral research , I do user testingest and analyse your data to optimize your digital plateforme. 

UX Design Landes
WEB Design Mont-de-Marsan

Work philosophy

I approach work with a strong philosophy where it is above all ethics that guides my decision-making.

I apply this mainly by considering the potentially negative impacts of my decisions on the people I work with (client and providers), users, society, the planet and more. For me, it is important to help as many people as possible and injure the least.

Pour atteindre ce but :

  • I try to work with people whose ethics tend towards mine.
  • I communicate with kindness and transparency.
  • I am not afraid of making mistakes and I do not hesitate to surround myself in case of difficulty.

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