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Dr. Stephan A. Reber

The goal of this academic portfolio was to provide an intuitive platform promoting Stephan’s research projects and representative of his identity.


Colours and Fonts

Modern and contrasting colors : 

  • Shades of gray: they bring relief to the page without overloading it. Gray is a neutral color, it brings a feeling of transparency.
  • Gray-black: classic color par excellence, it contrasts with the lighter shades of gray. it brings a contrasting effect to the page and adds a touch of modernism to the general appearance of the site. It also reverses the thought patterns of the reader who switches from dark writing on light backgrounds to light writing on dark backgrounds which adds dynamism to the page.
  • blue: The blue used here is brought in by small touches. It is brighter than a summer sky blue but more dull than a royal blue. It’s a modern blue that inspires confidence and transparency. It is used for site buttons and links.

Sleek and fluid fonts :

  • Poppins, used here for headings, is an elegant and simple font. It brings originality to the web page while remaining classic.
  • Roboto, used for paragraphs, features friendly and open curves while still remaining a geometric font. The letters keep their natural width for a smooth reading.

Title : poppins

Sub-title : Poppins

Paragraph: Roboto. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Aliquet sagittis id consectetur purus ut.

” Absolutely fantastic quality! Emma Arbeau designed my personal webpage and the result is better than what I could have envisioned. She managed to create a specific style reflecting my preferences and turned the content I provided into an original and professional looking page. Emma Arbeau was the main driver behind the creative process, I was in the very comfortable position of looking at already produced content and to ask for adjustment if desirable. Her customer service is outstanding! Not only did Emma Arbeau discuss any suggestion in detail with me, she also always had the whole design in mind, which lead to an overall highly satisfying product. Finally, she provided detailed tutorials which allow me to adjust the webpage myself in the future. I can only recommend her work! ”

Stephan Reber