redesign your site and add new features


Your site is less efficient, it is not very visible on search engines, you would like to refresh its design and add new functionality while keeping its basic structure. The web redesign is made for you. It mainly consists of a graphic makeover, an update of its functionalities.

The different aspects of the overhaul


Stand out by opting for an attractive, original but also intuitive site so that your readers can easily navigate your pages.


Track your site's performance with technological advances to improve the customer experience.


Develop your project by adding new WordPress extensions to your website


Optimize the visibility of your site on search engines by updating the titles, slugs, key phrases, meta-descriptions and the content format.


The price of the web redesign is going to depend on what aspect of the site you want to see updated.

For a WordPress website

à partir de 500 €

We will first talk about your needs in order to define a quote and a suitable specification. You will find in the quote:

Drafting specifications
Graphic update mockup
Research and implementation of new WordPress extensions
Validation and posting of proposals
Performance optimization
SEO updates

I will then propose an update of the ergonomics of your site and new WordPress extensions.

Once the models and new extensions are approved, the proposals will be put online.

Example of redesign

because our projects and our tastes evolve every day

First version
Second version
Third version

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