Finding the perfect balance between creativity and ​digital strategy

I help you create your website with WordPress. You will be able to: create pages, optimize your content for SEO, update your website.

UX Design Landes
UX Design Landes

Consulting & Training

Your WordPress coach

I help you define your needs, your identity and give you all the keys to create your own website and maintain it.

Marketing Strategy​

I help you put in place a strategy that meets the specific needs of your users.


I train you on SEO optimization so that your site has every chance of being placed on the first page of google searches.

WordPress management

I show you how to create and manage content for your site with WordPress management software. 

Conception & integration

From Figma mockups to  WordPress website

Hosting and SSL

I advise you in terms of hosting and set up the necessary security certificates .

Integration of models

I integrate graphic models designed by me or those of a graphic designer if needed.

Implementation of functionalities

I set up all the necessary functionalities: contact form, blog, shop, etc. and teach you how to use them.

UX Design Landes
UX Design Landes


“ le design est l’ambassadeur silencieux de votre marque “

Definition of your identity

We define the visual identity of your brand using questionnaires and interviews.

Maquettes graphiques

I create your graphic models on specialized software such as Figma and design prototypes if necessary.

Cognitive bias = User Experience (UX)

I integrate UX principles to meet the needs of your users and optimize their experience.

User optimization

“So that the user experience exceeds their expectations”

Contextual analysis

I analyze your needs and those of your users using interviews, questionnaires and other user tests.

Optimization of the user journey

I then optimize the user journey and perform U tests to verify user satisfaction and the effectiveness of the U journey so that it meets your needs.

Design and Prototyping​

I design wireframes (+ mockups according to your needs) by integrating your visual identity and UX principles.

UX Design Landes

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