Emma arbeau

Create and Manage your website yourself

I train you so that you can update your platform at any time.


Create your site

Choose the right hosting compagny for your, secure your website and install WordPress with a professional to start you web journey with serenity.

  • Choose the web host
  • Install SSL certificates
  • Create your email address
  • Install WordPress



Updating texts, images and blog posts requires significant technical know-how. I offer training to be able to administer your site efficiently with methods that I have perfected over the course of my experience:

  • Add a blog post
  • Change an image or paragraph
  • Add an image to a gallery
  • Add a testimonial in a Slider
  • Put a page in “draft”, publish it.
  • Create reusable “models”


Manage the plugin and up-dates

Download the perfect plugins for you.

  • Research of plugin
  • Choice and installation
  • Activation and settings
  • Up-date


Optimize your referencing / SEO

It is very important that your SEO is optimized so that your site is visible on search engines. This training will allow you to do it when you add new content. You learn to:

  • Choose suitable keywords
  • Optimize your titles and subtitles
  • Re-name your images
  • Optimize the keyword phrase, slug and meta description
  • Write structured paragraphs including the right keywords and link external links


Each training lasts about an hour. They are done by videoconference with the tools of your choice: Skype, Zoom. During the sessions, we will share our screens to facilitate technical demonstrations.

After each session, you will be provided with a text file and / or a video demonstration related to the training carried out.

Remember to download the chosen applications at least 24 hours before our session.


Install skype, create an account and wait for my call


Install zoom and click on the link I sent you