Design with the behavior of your users as a founding element

eN détail

The main steps


Definition of the environment in which the product in question will operate: device used, aiming, etc.


Identification of potential users, study of their demographics, their expectations concerning the product, etc.


Organization of content and functions from a cognitive and graphic point of view to meet user needs and expectations (classify, categorize and prioritize).


Application of interactions, concept and interface of the product using the creation of wireframe and prototype.


Optimization of the path taken by your users to provide a unique and productive experience.


Visual integration of models. Implementation of the details, the graphic charter, optimization of the aesthetics of the product.


Exemple of a short case study

Design of a planner for a zoo

case study

Context :

Web and mobile application allowing zoo employees to organize their work and integrate appointments, lists and alerts with a personalized calendar.

User / persona

Between 25 and 55 years old
Of different nationalities
Zoo employees
Belong to different trades
What the app should contain
Multilingual possibility
Use time with filter by category: team, project, …
Possibility to see the calendar by years, months and days
Ability to create appointments, lists and alerts and invite colleagues to participate

Architecture and wireframe

Must be put forward the calendar and the creation of events / lists / alerts

Example with the creation of an event:

UI Design

Integration of the graphic charter and information architecture

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