Emma arbeau


Je design des plateformes digitales web et mobile en fonction de votre domaine d’activité, du profil de vos utilisateurs, des tendances actuelles et des avancées concernant l’étude de la psychologie utilisateur. 

WordPress, what is it?

It is a content management platform (CMS). It allows the web designer to create and integrate their content from a suitable web interface. Once the site is online, the customer therefore does not need to be a developer and touch web languages to administer his site and add content.

WordPress is an open-source interface, meaning that it is free to use and that its code is constantly evolving.

The best content management system

WordPress is the most popular content management system platform with over 24 million live sites in 2020, or 2/3 of the market share, far ahead of its competition.

I develop websites using WordPress and its e-commerce platform, WooCommerce. I create personalized sites, with in-depth SEO.

My websites are secure, fast, scalable and user-friendly so that your experience and that of your customers are the best possible!

WordPress24 808 989
WIX3 373 287
Squarespace1 870 777
Joomla!1 844 993
Shopify785 397
Drupal581 174


An asset for web design

WordPress allows me to easily add content, design element included. I am working with a WordPress building tool called Elementor. It allows me to design without touching the code, or almost. This ease of execution allows me to focus entirely on the design. The design possibilities on WordPress are immense as much in terms of animations as of accessibility and adaptation to the size of your screens.

A thousand applications

Being open source, WordPress has unlimited extension possibilities. Extensions are additional features that are created by developers. There are several thousand of them. They are the ones that allow you to add contact forms, a store, a member area. They are also used to improve the performance of the site, its security (SecuPress) or its referencing (Yoast SEO).

For what type of site?

  • showcase site and portfolio
    blog and journal
    Online Store

In addition, WordPress has a very close-knit community. Customer services, both in terms of extensions and WordPress itself, are very efficient. Even if it happens to encounter a problem, it is rare that it is not solved either by the creators or by another WordPress user.

Constantly evolving

WordPress, and therefore its sites, are constantly evolving. Thanks to its thousands of volunteer developers, updates are done without hooks, both in terms of WordPress and extensions. This is essential to follow the advancements of web technologies and changes in their guidelines.


Finally, WordPress is an extremely intuitive platform! Thanks to the training I offer you will be able to understand how your site works from A to Z and administer it yourself. This will range from posts from your news feed or blog, but also from the content of the pages itself such as images and texts. I also train in SEO, ie SEO, which allows your site to be visible on search engines.


Used by large companies, wordpress has become essential!


à partir de 700 €

Créer un site WordPress nécessite plusieurs étapes. Son prix va donc varier en fonction du type de contenue désiré, de sa quantité et de ses fonctionnalités. 

The limitations of a wordpress web sites

A WordPress site has many features but remains limited in web development. This is why I offer, in co-contracting with a web developer, hand-made sites.

With these hand-made sites, you will be able to integrate web applications into your site and other complex functionalities such as the association of your site with external software, a member area, a restricted access forum, etc.